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Chapter 16
This was unexpected from Legolas’ point of view, but only a lovely surprise as he feels the movements getting deeper and more intense. He moans out not caring if anybody hears them, not even giving it a thought as he only can focus on one thing, or rather one person, Aragorn, who is moaning out himself too.

The dark-haired man grabs the nice ass and keeps up his pleasurable movements, to please both him and the lovely male elf he is making love to. They both enjoy it pretty much and slowly the deep movements become faster and faster, making Legolas moan along with the fast movements.

Again Aragorn makes a sudden change in their loveable scene, though Legolas asked him to make him feel appreciated a lot, he gets surprised yet again. The length inside of him is gone, taken out as the man who owns It has moved away from him a bit, looking at him with a smirk. “What a nice view.” He says in elvish, making the blonde male blush and turn over to sit down instead.

“Why did you stop?” Legolas asked and looked kind of disappointed to the human male, who continuously smirked.

“I needed to know what your reaction would be if I stopped in the middle of it all” Aragorn answered and grabbed the elf’s wrist pulling him out of the bed and then take a tight grip in the other thigh lifting him up on his hip. “I don´t want to disappoint you” He said and kissed the sweet elf.

“mhh!” Legolas got a bit surprised by all this, but let the man do it to him anyway as he meant no harm at all. He wraps his arms around the others neck and kissed back passionately, while Aragorn begin walking to the nearest wall, pressing the elf against it.

“urgh!” Legolas moans out as he gets pressed against the wall by the strong male, getting the length deeper inside, hitting a soft spot. “More.~” He says with a hot and lustful voice, almost begging for a rough round.

Aragorn only smirks by this lustful elf’s cry, and gives him what he want, moving faster and a bit harder to make the blonde feel loved and pleasured. He takes a harder grip in the sexy little elf and makes him moan out louder for him, as he wants to hear his sweet voice; he wants to hear how much he likes the thrusting and the movements, and he enjoys every single little sound the delicious male makes.

Almost forgets everything around them as Aragorn starts making the movements even more intense, it makes him spill out all his love for this man. “Uhr! Yes! ~ give it all to me.. Aragorn!  ~ “ He moans out to his lover and have wrapped his arm around the slightly bigger male, hugging him and slowly sliding a hand up in the brown waves, taking a good grip and then pulls down in it, making the human make a little moan and an extra thrust in surprise.

“uhr!” Aragorn burst out as Legolas pull in his hair, it turns him on, and only makes him move more, hitting more  of the fantastic spots inside the blondes ass, giving them both so much delicious pleasure, making them moan out loudly together.

The great pleasure continues with lots of moans and thrusting. “Uhr! Aragorn.. I am all ready~” The elf says with a sweet girly moan.

“Then come with it honey~ I am all ready for you as well” Aragorn replies with a sexy voice and as the elf releases his love juice with a long hot moan, the bigger male let his own warm semen shoot into the small space.

Now standing still, inside Legolas, they are both panting from the hot pleasure and the exhausting constant moving to make each other enjoy it, they stand leant up against the wall, Legolas hugging around Aragorn who is supporting with his hands up the wall.

At that moment Legolas suddenly realize that they shouldn’t have done this. “Aragorn.. Are you alright?” He asks with a worry in his voice as the brunette is wounded still and need rest. “We shouldn’t have done this; you should have been relaxing in the bed.” He adds feeling like such an idiot toward the man he loves.

“No. I am alright Legolas, but you are right.” Aragorn replies with a sigh, but then kisses the blonde on the cheek. “But I am so glad we did it anyway.~ “ He says with a smirk and slowly pulls out of the small male, feeling some of the fluid slide with his cock out of there.

Legolas looks a bit worried but as the human kiss him and smirks, he cannot help but smile at it. “Good, but you have to lie down and relax now Aragorn.” He says and takes Aragorn’s arm, leading him to the bed.

“Alright, Alright, I will. If you will tuck in under the blanket with me?” Aragorn says with a small smirk, looking at Legolas, and then just pull him down in the bed beside him. Making the elf gasp I surprise.

The brown-haired kisses a single time in the blonde hair and pulls the blanket over them, covering their naked bodies.

“I love you more than anything in the world, my beautiful Legolas.” Aragorn says and wrap an arm around the smaller body.

These words only make the elf smile happily. “I love you just as much.~” Legolas replies with a sweet sigh.

“But how can we ever be together? You are married and you have a son.” Legolas added before he would fall asleep. It made Aragorn thinks he knew there was no chance for them to get official; it would ruin everything for them both. The only thing they could do was to keep it for them.
“We cannot tell it to anyone. But I do not want it to end. And I do not want to make you sad either” Aragorn said with a little smile to the pale blonde elf.

“If we become an official couple we will be ruining many lives as there will be no king to rule Gondor, to keep it safe. A king cannot be gay.” The brunette said and looked a bit away.
“I know, my sweet love, the people come before anything, even love. But none of us wants it to end. We both want to have this romance, fun and hot sex” Legolas said with a chuckle “I love you too much, and I only see one way we can continue our path, but it takes sacrifice from our both.” He added and looked Aragorn in the eyes.

Aragorn looked back into the beautiful eyes and sighed. “Are you willing to do this with me?” He asked and looked at the elf nodding with a smile, a stone fell from both their hearts as they smiled to each other, sure that both would accept this and still love each other endlessly.
“This will be our little secret.~” Legolas said and kissed the hot Aragorn on the mouth passionately and lovingly, showing how much he want to stay with him, no matter the tough times they may run into.
Secrets Chapter 16 (END)
sorry for the very long wait 
I have had a lot on my mind the past months but ow i finally got to write this last chapter and i hope you will enjoy :3

Previous chapter:…

First Chapter:…
Close-up Radagast! by ShuraiyaBascud
Close-up Radagast!
I just love this picture myself and i am so happy about it! 
It is actually one of the few time it look alright.. (and i am wearing a beard.. what the fuck) 

The picture is taken by…
and the cosplayer and the craft = me 

If you are interested in more, like process and such you can find me on facebook here -->…
I'm sorry I haven't updated my Yaoi "Kiss of anger" yet, but I have had a lot going on at school and still have as i'm senior in High school

I wanted to ask you guys who read Kiss of anger, if its okay that I only make the lineart and black spaces and not all the hacthings. I just realized that it takes me about 2 hours to finish just one page if i do the hatchings.

well what do you think guys??


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